Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Furlough Cronicals. volume 1

So I knew it had to happen. no one makes it thru a career with the IRS without getting furloughed once. Doesn't mean it doesn't suck. The biggest part about all of this is that A) I was screwed into my number at the bottom of the list. and B) I will lose school next semester over this. Let me explain:
Part A. I am a good worker. I know it. I am willing to work my way up and do everything that is asked of me and then some. I have no errors and a production rate about average. As a good worker I expect certain things. I expect that my actions be recognized and that I get credit for them. Not publically but at least privately. I expect the managers to follow the rules and when the managers overstep/breech them (accidently or on purpose) that the union to which I belong and pay dues to every pay period do their job and correct it. Thus far in my experience at the IRS (a job that I wanted and worked towards since I was 16 I might add) none of these things have happened. I have gone to the Union a total of 6 times in my 22 months with the IRS and they have done 0 squat nada for me. Some of these were real problems (two counts of hostile work environment with a manager and one count of my evaluation being lowered without written counseling {for those of you don’t know your annual evaluation (or eval) is what gets you better paying jobs/permanent jobs(non furloughable)/or on day shifts so to have it lowered is bad enough but to have it lowered without reason because the manager and I…didn’t see eye to eye…and she was mad that she was getting kicked down from a manager to a pee-on is infuriating} ) I go to them with real breeches of the contract and they poo-poo me or make me feel like I am in the wrong for asking them to uphold the promises they have made. I am livid. I just have to hope that something will come thru….
And B) I cannot get my Tuition Payment Letter if I cannot get to my work email- which I can’t if I’m furloughed. So I can’t register for class unless I can come up with $1400 to pay for it. Awesome. What’s more I can’t turn in my grades to prove that I upheld my side of the agreement and passed so they will prolly say I owe them money when I come back. I’m livid. I guess we’ll see
Well after 8 hours of furlough I’m going nuts. I’ve decided to go to the gym 5 days a week for a few hours until I can go back to work

Lets see how this goes

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